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Vårterminen 2009

Besök på institutionen vårterminen 2009 (januari-juni)

James Walker (Professor), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
January 14-16
(Invited as discussant at Anders Boman's PhD defence)

Camilla Andersson (visiting PhD candidate), Umeå University
January-May 26
(Advisor: Jesper Stage)

Francisco Alpizar (PhD), CATIE, Costa Rica
Jan 22 - Feb 17
(Invited by EME)

Martine Visser (PhD), University of Cairo, Egypt
Jan 21-22 and Feb 11-17
(Invited by EME)

Michael Kirchler (PhD), Innsbruck University, School of Management
Feb 2-6 and March 2-6
(Invited by CFF)

Ole Gjölberg (Professor), Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Aas
February 3 - 20
(Invited by Lennart Hjalmarsson)

David F. Layton (Assoc.professor), University of Washington, USA
Feb 13
(Invited by the department as a discussant at Ping Qin's PhD defence)

Martin Kocher (PhD), University of Munich, Germany
Feb 13-24
(Invited by Peter Martinsson)

Ann-Sophie Crépin (PhD), The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Stockholm
Feb 18-19
(Invited by Thomas Sterner)

Matthias Sutter (Professor), Innsbruck, Austria
Feb 20-26 and April 14-20

Kaj Thomsson (PhD Candidate), Yale University, USA
March 3
(Invited by Lennart Hjalmarsson)

Adrian Müller (PhD), CCRS-University of Zurich, Switzerland
March 5-9
(Invited by Åsa Löfgren)

Michalis Stamatogiannis (PhD Candidate), University of Nottingham, UK
March 10
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Joakim Westerlund (Professor), University of Lund
March 10

Feng Shuyi (PhD), Nanjing Agricultural University, China
March 14 - April 15

Le Thanh Nhan (PhD), University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 16 - June 16

Amrish Patel (PhD), University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
March 17
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Erik Lindqvist (PhD), IFN/Research Institute of Industrial Economics
March 18
(Invited by Olof Johansson-Stenman)

Krista Jabs Saral (PhD), Florida State University
March 18-19
(Invited by Olof Johansson-Stenman)

Dmytro Kylymnyuk (PhD), Toulouse School of Economics, France
March 20
(Invited by Olof Johansson-Stenman)

Christian  Gollier (Professor), Toulouse School of Economics
March 23-27
(Invited by T. Sterner)

Yumiko Okamoto (Professor), Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
March 30 - August 29

Njuguna Ndung'u, Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya
March 31
(Invited by Arne Bigsten)

Gonul Dogan (PhD), Tilburg University, The Netherlands
April 1
(Invited by Johan Stennek)

Ferdinand Vieider, University of Lyon, France
April 2-3
(Invited by Fredrik Carlsson)

Victor Hiller (PhD), Université Paris 1, France
April 3
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Kaiji Chen (PhD), Oslo University
April 6-7, 20-21, May 6-7, 18-19
(Invited as lecturer at the PhD macro course)

Dimitrios Xefteris (PhD), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
April 7
(Invited by Ola Olsson)

Giacomo de Luca (PhD), University of Namur, Belgium
April 8
(Invited by Ola Olsson)

Alexendru Lefter (PhD), University of California Berkeley
April 12-16
(Invited by Lennart Flood)

Federica Alberti (PhD), University of East Anglia, UK
April 15
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Alpaslan Akay (PhD), IZA, Bonn, Germany
April 20-24
(Invited by Peter Martinsson)

Gustaf Bruze (PhD), University of Chicago, USA
April 20
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Oleg Shchetinin (PhD), Toulouse School of Economics, France
April 21
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Fridrik M. Baldursson (Professor), Reykjavik University, Iceland
April 27-30
(Invited by Lennart Hjalmarsson)

Thomas Aronsson (PhD), Umeå University
April 27-28
(Invited by Olof Johansson Stenman)

Richard Sweeney (Professor), Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
May 4 - June 3
(Invited by GS and Lennart Hjalmarsson)

Bo Sjö (Assoc.professor), SADEV, Karlstad 
(Invited by Per-Åke Andersson)

Jonas Björnerstedt (PhD), Konkurrensverket (Swedish Competition Authority), Stockholm
May 5-6
(Invited by Johan Stennek)

Shalini Vajjhala (PhD), RFF-Resources for the Future, Washington D.C.
May 6-7
(Invited by Gunnar Köhlin)

Catherine Sofer ( ), Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1, Sorbonne, France
May 8
(Invited by the department as discussant at Andreas Kotsadam's licentiate seminar)

Anders Fredriksson (PhD candidate), IIES, Stockholm University
May 12
(Invited by Arne Bigsten)

David Granlund (PhD), Umeå University
May 26
(Invited by Johan Stennek)

Martha Hill (Professor em.), Michigan University, USA
May 26-27
(Invited by Daniela Andrén)

Peter Berck (Professor), University of California, Berkeley
May 26-30
(Invited by Gunnar Köhlin)

Fredrik Sjöholm (Professor), IFN, Stockholm
June 2
(Invited by Arne Bigsten)

Jonas Björnerstedt (PhD), Konkurrensverket/Swedish Competition Authority, Stockholm
June 3-4
(Invited by Johan Stennek)

Ashokankur Datta (PhD Candidate), Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, India
June 3-19

Leonardo Becchetti (Professor), University of Rome "Tor Vegata", Italy
June 4
(Invited by the department as discussant at Cristiana Manescu's licentiate seminar)

Fausto Mafambissa (PhD), Ministry of Finance, Mocambique
June 7-19
(Invited by Per-Åke Andersson)

Miguel Quiroga (PhD Candidate), Universidad de Concepcion and University of Gothenburg
June 8 - July 3
(Invited by Thomas Sterner)

Patrik Söderholm (Professor), Luleå tekniska universitet
June 10
(Invited by the department as discussant at Clara Villega's licentiate seminar)

Martin Kocher (Professor), University of Munich, Germany
June 12
(Invited by the department as discussant at Conny Wollbrant's licentiate seminar)

Henry Ohlsson (Professor), Uppsala University
June 16-17
(Invited by Andreea Mitrut)

Francisco Alpizar (PhD), CATIE, Costa Rica
June 28-July 4
(Invited by Fredrik Carlsson)

Michael Kirchler (Professor), HGU and Innsbruck University School of Management, Austria
June 30 - July 14

Martin Dufwenberg (Professor),
July 5 - Sept
(Invited as a visiting professor by HGU)

Pornsiri Suebpongsang (PhD), Chiangmai University, Thailand
July 6 - Dec 21

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