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Olof Johansson-Stenman

Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

Address: P.O.Box 640, SE 405 30 Gothenburg
Visiting address: Vasagatan 1, House E
Room: E-601C
Tel: 46 (0)31-786 2538
Fax: 46 (0)31-786 1043
Email: olof.johansson@economics.gu.se


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My current research interest is largely about behavioral, environmental and public economics, and about exploring deviations from the purely selfish, rational and atomistic "Homo Economicus" where many papers include aspects of social comparisons or pro-social behavior. I am also interested in the economics of risk and uncertainty, health economics, transport economics, welfare economics, happiness research, ethics and normative economics more generally.

Journal Articles


"Social Comparisons and Optimal Taxation in a Small Open Economy." Scandinavian Journal of Economics, with Thomas Aronsson and Tomas Sjögren. 


“Policy Design for the Anthropocene.” Nature Sustainability, 2, 14-21, with Thomas Sterner and 26 other coauthors (from many countries and disciplines). Download


"Animal Welfare and Social Decisions: Is it time to Take Bentham Seriously?", Ecological Economics, 145, 90-103. Download

"Paternalism against Veblen: Optimal Taxation and Non-Respected Preferences for Social Comparisons" with Thomas Aronsson. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 10, 39-76. Download


"Genuine Saving and Positional Externalities" International Economic Review, with Thomas Aronsson. 58, 1155-90 Download


"Keeping Others in Our Mind or in Our Heart? Distribution Games under Cognitive Load" with Karen Evelyn Hauge, Kjell Arne Brekke, Lars-Olof Johansson and Henrik Svedsäter, Experimental Economics 19, 562–576. Download


"Keeping up with the Joneses, the Smiths and the Tanakas: On International Tax Coordination and Social Comparisons" Journal of Public Economics, 131, 71-86, with Thomas Aronsson Download

“Funding a New Bridge in Rural Vietnam: A field experiment on conditional cooperation and default contributions” Oxford Economic Papers, 67, 987-1014, with Fredrik Carlsson and Nam Pham Khanh. Download

“Discounting and Relative Consumption” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 71, 19-33, with Thomas Sterner. Download


“Social preferences are stable over long periods of time”, Journal of Public Economics, 117, 104-114, with Fredrik Carlsson and Khanh Nam Pham. Download

“State-variable public goods and social comparisons.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 68, 390-410, with Thomas Aronsson. Download

"Positional Preferences in Time and Space: Optimal Income Taxation with Dynamic Social Comparisons", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 101, 1-23, with Thomas Aronsson. Download

“When Samuelson met Veblen abroad: National and global public good provision when social comparisons matter”, Economica, 81, 224-243, with Thomas Aronsson. Download


"Trust, trust games and stated trust: Experimental evidence from rural Bangladesh", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013, 95, 286-298, with Peter Martinsson and Minhaj Mahmud. Download

"Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class Revisited: Implication for Optimal Income Taxation", Social Choice and Welfare, 2013, 41(3), 551-578, with Thomas Aronsson. Download

"Conspicuous Leisure: Optimal Income Taxation when both Relative Consumption and Relative Leisure Matter" with Thomas Aronsson, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2013, 115(1), 155-175. Download


“Self-Image and Valuation of Moral Goods: Stated versus Actual Willingness to Pay” with Henrik Svedsäter, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2012, 84(3), 879-891. Download

“Behavioral Economics and Environmental Policy” with Fredrik Carlsson, Annual Review of Resource Economics, 4: 75-99. Download

“Are most people consequentialists?” Economics Letters, 2012, 115, 225-228. Download


“Saving Lives Versus Life-Years in Rural Bangladesh: An Ethical Preferences Approach", with Peter Martinsson and Minhaj Mahmud. Health Economics, 2011, 20(6), 723–736. Download

"Does Environmental Economics Produce Aeroplanes without Engines? On the need for an Envronmental Social Science" with Henk Folmer, Environmental and Resource Economics, 2011, 48(3), 337-361. Download

”Emotions, morality and public goods: The WTA/WTP disparity revisited” with Anders Biel and Andreas Nilsson. Journal of Economic Psychology, 2011, 32, 908-917. Download


"Positional Concerns in an OLG Model: Optimal Labor and Capital Income Taxation" with Thomas Aronsson. International Economic Review, 51(4), 1071-1095. Download

"Why Do You Vote and Vote as You Do?" with Fredrik Carlsson. Kyklos, 63(4), 495-516. Download

"Risk Aversion and Expected Utility of Consumption over Time", Games and Economic Behavior, 68, 208-219. Download

"Fair Air: Distributional Justice and Environmental Economics" with James Konow, Environmental and Resource Economics, 46, 147-166.(Invited paper for a special issue on Behavioral Environmental Economics.) Download

"Internalized Contribution Norms and Learning in a Public Goods Experiment in Ghana" with Wisdom Akpalu. Public Finance and Management , 10(2), 352-378. (Invited paper for a special issue on Public Finance and the Environment.) Download

"Scale Factors and Hypothetical Referena: A Clarifying Note" with Fredrik Carlsson. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 59, 286-292. Download  


"Trust and Religion: Experimental Evidence from Rural Bngladesh" with Peter Martinsson and Minhaj Mahmud. Economica, 2009, 76, 462-485. Download

"Keeping up with the Vaishias: Caste and relative standing" with Fredrik Carlsson and Gautam Gupta. Oxford Economic Papers, 2009, 61, 52-73. Download


"The Behavioral Economics of Climate Change" with Kjell Arne Brekke. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2008, 24(2), 280-297. Download

"Does context matter more for hypothetical than for actual contributions? Evidence from a natural field experiment" with Francisco Alpizar and Fredrik Carlsson, Experimental Economics, 2008, 11, 299-314. Download

"Who are the trustworthy, we think?" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008, 68, 456-465. Download

"When the Joneses' consumption hurts: Optimal public good provision and nonlinear income taxation" with Thomas Aronsson. Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92(5-6), 986-97. Download

"Anonymity, reciprocity and conformity: Evidence from voluntary contributions to a natural park in Costa Rica" with Francisco Alpizar and Fredrik Carlsson, Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92(5-6), 1047-1060. Download

"Measuring hypothetical bias in choice experiments: The role of cognitive consistency" with Henrik Svedsäter. B-E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2008, 8(1), topics, article 41. Download

"Are some lives more valuable? An ethical preferences approach." With Peter Martinsson, Journal of Health Economics, 2008, 27(3), 739-52. Download

"Mad Cows, terrorism and junk food: Should public policy reflect subjective or objective risks?" Journal of Health Economics, 2008, 27(2), 234-48. Download


"Do You Enjoy Having More than Others? Survey Evidence of Positional Goods" with F. Carlsson and P. Martinsson, Economica, 2007, 74, 586-98. Download


"Honestly, why are you driving a BMW?" with Peter Martinsson, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2006, 60, 129-46. Download

"Optimal environmental road pricing", Economics Letters, 2006, 90, 225-29. Download


"Does stake size matter in trust games" with Peter artinsson and Minhaj Mahmud. Economics Letters, 2005, 88(3), 365-69. Download

"Distributional Weights in Cost Benefit Analysis - Should we forget about them?" Land Economics, 2005, 81(3), 335-52. Download

"Are people inequality averse or just risk averse?" with Fredrik Carlsson and Dinky Daruvala, Economica, 2005, 72, 375-96. Download

"Anyone for higher speed limits? Self-interested and adaptive political preferences" with Peter Martinsson, Public Choice, 2005, 122(3-4), 319-31. Download

"How Much do We Care About Absolute Versus Relative Income and Consumption?" with Francisco Alpizar and Fredrik Carlsson, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2005, 56(3), 405-21. Download

"Global environmental problems, efficiency and limited altruism", Economics Letters, 2005, 86(1), 101-106. Download


"Is Transport Safety More Valuable in the Air?" with Fredrik Carlsson and Peter Martinsson, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2004, 28(2), 147-63. Download

"The value of risk-free cigarettes - Do smokers underestimate the risk?", Health Economics, 2004, 13(1), 59-71 with Henrik Hammar. Download


"Choosing from behind a veil of ignorance in India" with Fredrik Carlsson and Gautam Gupta, Applied Economics Letters, 2003, 10, 825-27. Download

"Goal Conflicts in Political Decision Making: A Survey of Municipality Politicians´ Views of Road Pricing", Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 2003, 21(4), 615-24, with Lars-Olof Johansson, Gunnar Falkemark, Tommy Gärling, Mathias Gustafsson. Download

"Costs and Benefits of Electric Vehicles - A 2010 Perspective", Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 2003, 37(1), 1-28, with Fredrik Carlsson. Download


"Measuring Future Grandparents - Preferences for Equality and Relative standing", with Fredrik Carlsson and Dinky Daruvala, Economic Journal, 2002, vol. 112, pp. 362-83. Download

"Estimating Individual Driving Distance by Car and Public Transport Use in Sweden", Applied Economics, 2002, vol. 34, pp. 959-67. Download

"A Conceptual Analysis of the Impact of Travel Demand Management on Private Car Use" with Tommy Gärling, Daniel Eek, Peter Loukopoulos, Satoshi Fujii, Ryuichi Kitamura, Ram Pendyala and Bertil Vilhelmson, Transport Policy, 2002, 9(1), 59-70. Download


"On the Value of Life in Rich and Poor Countries and Distributional Weights Beyond Utilitarianism", Environmental and Resource Economics, 2000, vol. 17, 299-310. Download

"Willingness to pay for improved air quality in Sweden", with Fredrik Carlsson, Applied Economics, 2000, vol. 32, pp. 661-69. Download


"On the problematic link between fundamental ethics and economic policy recommendations", Journal of Economic Methodology, 1998, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 263-97. Download

"The importance of ethics in environmental economics with a focus on existence values", Environmental and Resource Economics, 1998, vol 11, Nos. 3-4, pp. 429-42. Download


"Measuring long-run automobile fuel demand; Separate estimations of Vehicle Stock, Mean Fuel Intensity, and Mean Annual Driving Distance", Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 1997, 31(3), pp. 277-92, with Lee Schipper. 

"Is there a future for PRT systems? Evidence from a Swedish benefit-cost analysis", Urban Transportation Monitor, 1997, vol. 11, no. 11, pp. 4, 16.

"Optimal road-pricing: simultaneous treatment of time losses, increased fuel consumption, and emissions." Transportation Research D, 1997, vol. 2, pp. 77-87. Download

"Optimal Pigouvian taxes with regard to altruism." Land Economics, 1997, vol. 73, no. 3, pp. 297-308. Download

"Optimal road pricing with respect to accidents in a second-best perspective", International Journal of Transport Economics, 1997, vol 24, no. 3, pp. 343-65.

More popular papers in Swedish

"Vi saknar ett effektivt globalt beslutsorgan". Replik på DN Debatt på en artikel av Linnér och Pielke där jag argumenterar för att vi behöver ta potentiella katastrofscenarier på stort allvar, även om de är skrämmande, och också att vi måste disktuera bristen på effektiva globala beslutsorgan. Download

"Den första nationella konferensen i nationalekonomi i Sverige", Ekonomisk Debatt, 2011, 39(2), 67-73, med Fredrik Andersson, Thomas Aronsson, Richard Friberg, Ann-Sofie Kolm, Henry Ohlsson och Daniel Waldenström. Download

”X Factor skadar barn och vårt sociala kitt” Debattartikel i Göteborgs-Posten september 2012 om hur programledarna, och särskilt Andreas Carlsson, förnedrar och kränker barn i tv-programmet X Factor. Download

”Rankninglistor bör inspirera GU:s kvalitetsarbete” Debattartikel i GU-Journalen mars 2011 där jag bl a kritiserar Magnus Gunnarsson för att han uttalat att GU inte bör försöka komma högre på internationella rankinglistor genom att uppmuntra forskare att försöka publicera sig i topptidskrifter samt att rekrytera välrenommerade forskare. Sedan replig av Gunnarsson och slutreplik av mig. Download

”Viktig miljöforskning motverkas” Debattartikel i Göteborgs-Posten januari 2011 tillsammans med många samhällsvetare i Sverige. Download

“En märklig formulering” Debattartikel i GU-Journalen december 2010 där jag bl a kritiserar det i mitt tycke lågt prioriterade kvalitetsarbetet vid GU, inte minst när det gäller inställningen till utländska rekryteringar. Download

”Inget enkelt samband mellan BNP och oljekonsumtion” Slutreplik av mig efter svar av Lindstedt. Download

”Oljebrist räddar inte klimatet” Debattartikel i Göteborgs-Posten, maj 2007, där jag argumenterar emot en tidigare artikel av Gunnar Lindstedt som hävdar att vi inte behöver oroa oss över klimatet eftersom nedgången av oljeresurser kommer att drabba oss långt innan. Download

"Sök svaren - inte bara frågorna" krönika i GU-Journalen juni 2008 där jag bl a kritiserar extrem kunskapsrelativism. Download

"EU:s klimatpolitik från ett välfärdsperspektiv - kostnadseffektivitet, fördelningseffekter och upplevd rättvisa" med Åsa Löfgren, i EU och den globala klimatfrågan, Europoaperspektiv 2008, Santerús förlag, pp. 163-188. Download

"Om nationalekonomisk imperialism och idéutveckling" Ekonomisk Debatt, 2007, 35(2), 68-78. Download

"De rika är miljöbovar" Debattartikel i Göteborgs-Posten, maj 2007.

"Så får vi fler fotbollsmål" Debattartikel i Göteborgs-Posten, juli 2006. Download

"Bör Göteborgs Universitet verkligen arbeta på sin image och varumärke?" Debattartikel i GU-Journalen december 2004 där jag bl a kritiserar vad jag anser vara universitetets överdrivna fokus på image- och varumärkesfrågor, samt dess i mitt tycke lågt prioriterade kvalitetsarbete. Download
Replik av mig i nummer 1 2005 samt understöd av matematikprofessor Bo Berntsson efter svar från Lennart Weibull, ordförande i Rådet för identitets och imagefrågor, samt slutreplik av Weibull. Download

"Användbar grundbok i ekonomi miljö- och naturvetenskap" bokrecension av Tore Söderqvist, Ing-Mari Gren och Monica Hammer: Samverkan för människa och natur: En introduktion till ekologisk ekonomi. Studentlitteratur, 2004. Download

"Fördelning, effektivitet och hederlighet" Ledarartikel Ekonomisk Debatt, 2003, nr 2. Download

"På spaning efter den välfärd som flytt" Ledarartikel i Ekonomisk Debatt, 2002, nr 4. Download

"Skall vi köra på sprit?", Ekonomisk Debatt, 1998, 26(8), 603-616, med Bengt Johansson och Thomas Sterner. Download

Book contributions

"Health Investements under Risk and Ambiguity" in The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Food Consumption and Policy, Edited by Jason Lusk, Jutta Roosen and Jayson Shogren, Oxford University Press, 2011. Download

"Political Acceptance of Road Pricing: Goal Conflicts in Municipality Decision Making" with Lars-Olof Johansson, Gunnar Falkemark, Tommy Gärling, Mathias Gustafsson, in Jens Schade (ed.) Acceptability of transport pricing strategies, Elsevier, 2003, pp. 269-78.

"What should we do with inconsistent, non-welfaristic, and undeveloped preferences?" in Bromley and Paavola (eds.) Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy: Contested Choices, Blackwell, 2002, pp. 103-19. Download preliminary version

"Regulating Road Transport Externalities: Pricing Versus Command-and-Control" in Sterner, T. (ed.) The Market and the Environment: The Effectiveness of Market-Based Policy Instruments For Environmental Reform, 1999, Edward Elgar, pp. 134-57.

"What is the scope for environmental road pricing?" in Button, K.J. and E. Verhoef (eds.) Road Pricing, Traffic Congestion and the Environment: Issues of Efficiency and Social Feasibility. Edward Elgar, Aldershot, pp. 150-70, 1998, with Thomas Sterner.

"Ekonomiska styrmedel" i Thoresson, S. (Ed.) Luftvård, pp. 146-58, Göteborg, with Thomas Sterner, 1997.

"Economic policy instruments" in Tengström E. (Ed.) Environmental strategies for a sustainable Balticum, with Thomas Sterner, 1997.

The True Cost of Road Transport, Blueprint 5, CSERGE, London: Earthscan, with D. Maddison, D. Pearce, E. Calthrop, T. Litman, and E. Verhoef, 1996.


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