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Yonas Alem

Postdoc Researcher

Address: P.O. Box 640, SE 405 30 Gothenburg
Visiting address: Vasagatan 1, E-building
Room: E-621
Tel: 46 (0)31 786 1371
Fax: 46 (0)31 786 1043
Email: yonas.alem@economics.gu.se

I am an economist applying microeconomics and econometrics to research on a range of topics related to poverty, economic development, and the environment in developing regions of the world, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

My previous work focused on application of applied panel data econometric techniques to measure the impact of shocks on household welfare, poverty dynamics and technology adoption in Africa.

In collaboration with a number of colleagues and graduate students, I’m continuing my research on technology adoption and the impact of shocks on household welfare, as well as, the impact of climate variability and change on agriculture and well-being, and household energy choice.

I currently work as Research Director for the (EfD) Environment for Development initiative. The EfD has succeeded in creating a network that provides research and academic capacity building in seven developing and emerging countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, China, Costa Rica and Chile) in collaboration with researchers based in more than ten Universities and research institutions around the world. As the EfD research director, I’m in charge of administering the EfD research fund, evaluating research proposals and papers, and co-editing the EfD Discussion Paper series together with Professor Peter Berck of the University of California Berkeley. 


Ph.D. Economics, University of Gothenburg, May 2011.

  • Dissertation: Essays on Shocks, Welfare, and Poverty Dynamics: Micro-econometric Evidence from Ethiopia.

MSc. Economics, Addis Ababa University, 2004.

MSc. Specialization Certificate, Environmental Economics, University of Pretoria, 2003

B.A. Economics, Addis Ababa University, 2002.

Recent teaching

  • Advanced Panel Data Econometrics (PhD), University of Gothenburg
  • Natural Resource Economics (PhD), UC Berkeley
  • Development Economics (PhD), University of Gothenburg
  • Panel Data Econometrics (PhD), University of Gothenburg, University of Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa Univeristy
  • Development Econometrics (PhD), University of Gothenburg
  • Applied Econometrics (MSc.), University of Gothenburg
  • Graduate Econometrics (MSc.), University of Gothenburg


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Alem, Y., (2015). Poverty dynamics and intra-household heterogeneity in occupations: Evidence from urban Ethiopia, Oxford Development Studies, 43(1): 20-43.

Alem, Y., Hassen, S., & Köhlin, G. (2014). Adoption and Disadoption of Electric Cookstoves in Urban Ethiopia: Evidence from Panel Data, Resource and Energy Economics, 38: 110-124.

Sterner, T., Alem, Y. et al., (2014). The Environment for Development Initiative: lessons learned in research, academic capacity building and policy intervention to manage resources for sustainable growth, Environment and Development Economics, 19: 367–391.

Alem, Y., Köhlin, G., & Stage, J. 2014. The Persistence of subjective Poverty in Urban Ethiopia, World Development, 56: 51-61.

Alem, Y., and Köhlin, G. (2013). The Impact of Food Price Inflation on Subjective Well-being: Evidence from Urban Ethiopia, Social Indicators Research, 116: 853-868.

Ekbom, A., Alem, Y., & Sterner, T. 2013. Integrating Soil Science into Agricultural Production Frontiers, Environment and Development Economics, 18(3): 291-308.

Alem, Y., and Söderbom M., 2012. Household-level consumption in urban Ethiopia: The effects of a large food price shock. World Development, 40: 146-162.

Alem, Y., Bezabih, M., Kassie, M., Zikhali, P., 2010. Does fertilizer use respond to rainfall variability? Panel data evidence from Ethiopia. Agricultural Economics, 41: 165-175.


Book Chapters

Alem, Y., & Söderbom, M. (2014). “Teff Consumption in Urban Ethiopia: Trends and Correlates” in Minten, B., & Taffesse, A.S (eds), The Economics of Teff, (Pensilvenia University Press, 2014).

Recent Working Papers

Alem, Y., Eggert, H., & Ruhinduka, R. (2015). Improving yield through climate-friendly agriculture: The case of the System of Rice Intensification (Revise and Resubmit).

Alem, Y & Andersson, L. (2015). International Remittances and Private Inter-household Transfers: Exploring the Links (Under Review).

Alem, Y., & Colmer, J. 2013. Optimal Expectations and the Welfare Cost of Climate Variability, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg (Under Review).

Alem, Y., & Broussard, H. N. 2013. Do Safety Nets Promote Technology Adoption? Panel Data Evidence from Rural Ethiopia (Under Review).

Alem, Y. 2013. Life-Satisfaction in Urban Ethiopia: The Role of Relative Poverty and Unobserved Heterogeneity (Revise and Resubmit).

Alem, Y., Damte, A., Köhlin, G., & Mekonen, A. 2012. Household fuel choice in urban Ethiopia: a Random Effects Multinomial Logit Analysis (Revise and Resubmit).

Alem, Y., 2011. The impact of food price inflation on consumer welfare in urban Ethiopia: A quadratic almost ideal demand system approach. Department of economics, University of Gothenburg.

Research In-progress 

Gender, Social Networks and Willingness to Adopt Solar Lanterns: A Randomized Controlled Evaluation in India (with Dugoua, E., and Urpelinen, J. Columbia University) 

The Impact of Modern Cooking Stoves and Energy Prices on Charcoal Consumption in Urban Africa: Evidence from RCT in Tanzania (with Berck, P. University of California Berkeley, and Ruhinduka, R. University of Dar es Salaam)

The Effects of a Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction Programme on Health-Related Behaviors: A Randomized Controlled Evaluation (With Behrend, H., Belot, M., and Biro, A. University of Edinburgh)

Estimation of Food Price Elasticities: Do Unobservables Matter? (With Söderbom, M. University of Gothenburg).

Remittances as consumption smoothing mechanism: A Dynamic System GMM analysis





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