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Jessica Coria

Associate Professor

Address: P.O.Box 640, SE 405 30 Gothenburg
Visiting address: Vasagatan 1, E-building
Room: E-617
Tel: 46 (0)31 786 4867
Fax: 46 (0)31 786 1043
Email: jessica.coria@economics.gu.se

Areas of Interest

Environmental economics, regulatory economics, policy instruments. 



Jaime, M., Coria, J. and X. Liu. Interactions between CAP Agricultural and Agri-Environmental Subsidies and Their Effects on the Uptake of Organic Farming. Forthcoming in American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Coria, J. and X. Zhang (2015). State-Dependent Enforcement to Foster the Adoption of New Technologies", Environmental and Resource Economics 62(2): 359-381.

Coria, J., J. Bonilla, M. Grundström, and H. Pleijel (2015). Air Pollution Dynamics and the Need for Temporarily Differentiated Road Pricing. Transportation Research A: Policy and Practice 75: 178-195.

Bonilla, J., J. Coria, K. Mohlin and T. Sterner (2015). Refunded Emission Payments and Diffusion of NOx Abatement Technologies in Sweden, Ecological Economics 116: 132-145

Coria, J. and C. Villegas-Palacio (2014). Regulatory Dealing in a Developing Country: Technology Adoption vs. Enforcement Stringency, Contemporary Economic Policy 32(2): 451-473.

Ambec, S. and J. Coria (2013). Prices vs. Quantities with Multiple Pollutants, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 66(1): 123-140

Coria, J. and E. Calfucura (2012): “Biodiversity Conservation and the Development of Indigenous Communities: the good, the bad and the ugly”, Ecological Economics 73(15): 47-55.

Coria, J. and M. Hennlock (2012): “Emission Taxes, Tradable Permits and Costly Policy Response to Technological Change”, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 14(1):35-60.

Coria, J. and T. Sterner (2011): “Natural Resource Management: Challenges and Policy Options”, Annual Review of Resource Economics 3: 203-230.

Coria, J. (2011): “Environmental Crises’ Regulations, Tradable Permits and the Adoption of New Technologies”, Resource and Energy Economics 33(3): 455-476.

Villegas C. and J. Coria (2010): " On the Interaction between Imperfect Compliance and Technology Adoption: Taxes vs. Tradable Emissions Permits", Journal of Regulatory Economics 38(3): 274-291.

Coria, J., Å. Löfgren and T. Sterner (2010). Trade or Not to Trade: An Analysis of Trading Schemes at the Firm Level, Journal of Environmental Management 91: 2126-2133.

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Calfucura, E.; Coria, J. and J.M. Sánchez (2009): “Permisos Transables De Emisión En Chile: Lecciones, Desafíos Y Oportunidades Para Países En Desarrollo”, El Trimestre Económico 304, pp. 1027-1069.

Sánchez, J.M.; Coria, J. and G. Lagos (2005): “Metodología Para La Elaboración De Una Norma De Calidad Ambiental: El Caso De La Fundición Paipote”. Minería y Desarrollo, September.

Coria, J. and P. Marshall. (2001): “Análisis Conjunto: Una Aplicación Al Caso de Ingenieros Comerciales en Chile”. ABANTE, May.


Ambec, S. and J.Coria. Strategic environmental regulation of multiple pollutants.

Nordén, A., J, Coria and L. Villalobos. Evaluation of the Impact of Forest Certification on Environmental Outcomes in Sweden.

Bonilla, J., J. Coria and T. Sterner. Synergies and Trade-offs between Climate and Local Air Pollution in Sweden.

Coria, J., C. Villegas-Palacio and J.C. Cárdenas. Should we tax or let firms trade emissions? An experimental analysis with policy implications for developing countries. Developed with FORMAS grant 2010.

Coria, J., C. Villegas-Palacio and J.C. Cárdenas. Why Do Environmental Taxes Work Better in Developed Countries?

Coria, J. and K. Mohlin. On Refunding of Emission Taxes and Technology Diffusion.

Coria, J. and J. Jaraite. Carbon Pricing: Transaction Costs of Emissions Trading vs. Carbon Taxes.

Coria, J. and E. Kyriakopoulou. Size Distribution of Firms and Environmental Regulations.

Kasimir Å., J. Coria, H. He, X. Liu, Nordén A. and M. Svensson. An Ecological-Economic Analysis of Climate Mitigation through Rewetting of Drained Wetlands.

Nordén, A., J Coria, A. M. Jönsson, F. Lagergren and V. Lehsten. Preference Divergence: Evidence from a Choice Experiment of Forest Landscapes in Sweden.


Multi-Level Governance and Climate Change Policy.

Market-Based Environmental Regulations and Industrial Turnover.

Timely Environmental Regulations


Coria, J., M. Hennlock, Å. Löfgren, M. Persson, Patrik Söderholm, T. Sterner and M. Wråke. (2010): “The Progress of GHG Markets: Opportunities and Risks”, Report for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


Sterner, T. and J. Coria (2011). “Policy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management” (second edition).


Coria, J. (2011),“Fuel Taxes in Europe”, in Cars and Climate Change, The European Experience.

Coria, J., E. Robinson, H.G. Smith, and T. Sterner (2014), “Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services Provision: A Tale of Confused Objectives, Multiple Market Failures and Policy Challenges”. In: Handbook of the Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Policy Design

We are a group of researchers whose main research focus is on the actual design of policy instruments. Read more about our work in www.policyinstruments.se

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The research project COMMONS - Human Cooperation to Manage Natural Resources include research teams at Indiana University, University of Gothenburg, and Resources for the Future. Read more about our four research teams here

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate

I am a research within the research program BECC, that strives for a better understanding of the impacts of climate change and land use decisions on terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, addressing the conse-quences of ecosystem changes for human beings and socio-economic systems. Click on the logo to learn more.

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